The Giants

As with other models I sell these models are designed to fit into my AD&D 2nd Edition campaigns. Although I have morphed them into my fantasy armies for use in Kings of War.

They can of course fit within any gaming system you so desire.

All models are designed for use with 28 to 32mm scale figures and use the standard 1ft = 5mm high in model. So for example in AD&D 2nd ed the Hill Giants are listed as 16ft Tall, so they are approx 80mm tall depending on pose. BTW 1st edition Hill Giants were only 10.5ft tall – amazing how a whole race managed to grow almost 60% bigger between editions – though the 2nd edition ones now feel like real giants when placed on the table top and you can easily see how the dwarfs get an advantage when combating giants.

Of course these Giants can be used for just about any scale!

All models/figures supplied unpainted