Postage & Packing rates

  • United Kingdom
  • 10% of Cart Total
  • Minimum £2
  • Maximum £10
  • European Union
  • 15% of Cart total
  • Minimum £5
  • Rest of World
  • 22% of Cart total
  • Minimum £5


andyConqueror was set up by me (Andy Cummings – and yep thats me in the picture) to sell the models that I have either made myself via 3d design and printing, and/or commissioned other (organic) 3d sculptors or traditional sculptors to do.  Normally the models are to fill in gaps, or complement existing ranges for games that I play.

You will certainly find a variety of models at various scales and across several genres of gaming – basically as and when the mood takes me I go down certain paths – usually dictated by whatever new game/system I fall into or if certain models are needed for a future planned game.

Conqueror Models is the trading name of Tradestands Ltd.