These napoleonic figures came about to fill in gaps of my napoleonic collection which is nearly all Front Rank figures. The Saxon cavalry horses are from ebob, and the figures and horse saddelry were sculpted by the excellent Martin Baker. The figures have been sculpted to fit in nicely with Front Rank figures.

All Saxon cavalry are on charging horses and offer multiple head variants, the sword hand is plugged into the arm to allow for variations of sword position, together with 4 horse variants provides for quite a variation in each unit – perfect for that glorious charge of these fine horsemen at the battle of Borodino

The Infantry (Codes SAX-M and SAX-G) were sculpted by the excellent Peter Fitzgerald of Calpe and are the original Saxon range he sculped for Calpe (so yes the detail is exceptional and the research is second to none on these figures) and we were fortunate enough to acquire them from Peter) – these of course fit perfectly with Calpes existing Saxon (and French & Prussian ranges) as well as with Front Ranks ranges and no doubt many others.

All models/figures supplied unpainted