Ironclad Landship & 2x Wheelie Scouts


Ironclad Landship

Please see below for full details of this huge kit, including assembly instructions, parts list and the background story.

Now comes with two Wheelie Tanks at the same price an £11 saving

In stock (can be backordered)


This is a huge model for 15mm gamers measuring approx:  15″ long, 6 1/2″ wide (excludes gun barrels!) and 9″ tall, it comprises of an MDF hull and tracks with the accessories made from resin or metal.

The model is supplied unpainted and requires assembly.

The landships armament comprises:

  • 1 x Swan Electric Cannon (The British version of the Tesla Gun)
  • 1 x 18″ Naval Gun
  • 4 x 5″ Turret Guns
  • 6 x 4″ Ball Swivel Guns
  • 12 x Pintel Mounted HMG
  • 3 x High Intensity Search Lights

In addiiton the Landship now comes with two Wheelie Tanks to act as scouts for the landship – these are located at the rear of the Landship for easy deployment (albeit a bit rough on the wheelie driver!)

Further armement options will be made available.

Also as the Search lights and HMG can be located almost anywhere then you can add more as desired.

Likewise for the more adventurous modders out there – a small hole drilled in the MDF will allow for additional Ball swivel guns to be fitted – again almost anywhere you wish on the MDF hull – you can model a veritable Battleship brimming with guns if the fancy takes you

The command bridge has a lift off roof and open windows for the placement of crew, some other floors of the tower superstructure can accommodate figures with a little forethought and planning.

As part of the kit you will also receive the below accessories and apart from the large funnels which have predesignated locations the remainder can be placed as you see fit, though there are of course logical locations for doors and vents and such – but the option on location remain entirely yours:

  • 2x large funnels
  • 2x small funnels
  • 2 x long  vents
  • 2x tall vents
  • 1x large vent
  • 15x doors
  • 2x hatches

Approximate size of landship when assembled:
Length: 15″ (380mm)
Width: 6 1/2″  (165mm) (excludes gun barrels)
Height: 9″ (228mm)

For those that will use this model with AQoTMF game system as indeed we are using it in our personal games, Paul Nippress of  Cpl Brody fame has created this excellent background story for the Conqueror landships.

Please note the crew figures and decals featured in the product images are for display only and are not part of the model kit.

Thanks to Andy McDonald-Rice for painting up the first landship, and for all the little extras we have come to love from him on the model.