Dwarf Spearman Unit (36 Figures Includes 4 Command)

£54.50 £43.60

One of each Spearman pack & the Dwarf Command I pack:

1 x DW-001
1 x DW-002
1 x DW-003
1 x DW-004
1 x DW-005
1 x DW-006
1 x DW-007
1 x DW-008
1 x DW-012

Each pack contains 4 Figures dressed in chain mail, with shield and spear, plus command figures (Captain, Lieutenant, Draco Standard & Hornblower)

A total of 36 FIgures

Shields and Spears are included
Figures supplied unpainted

Dwarf Spearman Unit (32 Figures)

Dwarf Command I