Type III Demon – Glabrezu


The Glabrezu (Type III Demon) is tall and well muscled, it has one set of human arms (one hand holds a dagger) and the other set of demonic arms used to capture foes and end in pincers. They have a dog like head that delivers a vicious bite together with their innate high armour class and demonic abilities (especially gating in other demons!) coupled with some impressive innate spell like abilities makes these a formidable opponents even for experienced groups of adventurers who fail to deal with this monster quickly.

The model is approx 70mm tall.

I use a scaling of 5mm = 1ft therefore this Demon stands approx 14ft tall in gaming terms at 28mm scale.

The model is made of metal and i stehrefore quite heavy.

The models are designed for 25-28mm scale gaming, but can of course be used in just about any scale, at 15mm its a monstrous size demon!

In stock (can be backordered)

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