Tentacles x4 (3D STL Models)


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Each tentacles has rows of suckers on the front, and has a armoured or scale like appearance on the rear.

Each tentacle is on an integral 25mm round textured base.

The tentacles are between 40mm and 60mm tall (see images) and are suitable for all scales. For 28mm scale gaming they equate to 10ft long which makes them ideal for use in such spells as Evards Black Tentacles for D&D/Pathfinder, and of course they fit on a one inch square grid fo your gaming

The download file contains four different STL tentacle files as shown in the images.

The models are designed for 25-28mm scale gaming, but can be scaled as required.

Note: This is a 3d STL model for 3d printing that you will be able to download immediately after purchase