Wheelie Tank – Variant 2 (3D STL Model)


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A unicycle like tank first envisaged in Popular Mechanix (Nov 1933 issue) with one large armoured wheel that houses the driver/gunner and two stabiliser wheels.

This variant is armed with two independent or chain linked (driver/gunner chooses) HMGs and offers great all round armour protection, but does have slightly limited viewing compared to the scout variant.

The download contains the following parts for 3d printing:

  • Main wheel body
  • 2 x Struts
  • 2 x stabilizer wheels
  • 2 x HMG

The models are designed for 15-18mm scale gaming, but can be scaled as required.

Note: This is a 3d STL model for 3d printing that you will be able to download immediately after purchase